1. Preliminary Hardware Setup

To begin, unpack the printer and accessories carefully from the packaging.

  1. Connect the power cord to a suitable power source
  2. Toggle the power switch on the printer to ensure printer can be booted up.
  3. Open the media cover, install your label/receipt rolls and close the cover gently.

2. Driver Installation

Download the corresponding PC driver for your device:

GPrinter Brand Printers (PC Windows)

For printing on Mobile App, refer to our guide here: http://www.nichepeak.com/guide/how-to-setup-gprinter-app-based-bluetooth-wireless-usb-thermal-label-printers/

  1. Install the driver on your device and follow the installation prompts to set it up properly
  2. Ensure correct printer model and correct print port, e.g. USB (can be changed later if selected wrongly)
  3. Once driver installed correctly, the new printer should appear within “Printers & scanners” in your window settings

3. Designing and Printing

Before printing any media from any application, go to  “Printers & scanners”, then “Printer Properties” to ensure media size, width and height are set correct based on your physical media dimensions.

The printer supports printing from a browser window, Office Applications like Words, Excel, Powerpoint, etc or any application that supports printing.

You may also use the following labelling software:

NiceLabel SE 6 Label Designer Software for Gprinter

LabelShop for GPrinter


4. Help and Support

If you encounter driver compatibility issues on Windows, try the following legacy driver:

Do contact us if you encounter any difficulties during the installation process.

If you encounter issues during installation visit the link below:

Follow this link to learn how to care for your thermal printer:

How to care for your thermal printer

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