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Up to $30 Dollars Real Cash Back*
for all New Sign-Ups* through us! 

Exclusive Promotion till 31 Dec 2019!


1. Select your preferred plan below or here.
2. Share on Facebook for Sharing Bonus* (+$10.00 Cashback)!
2a. Tag @nichepeaksg and Share on Timeline (to Public)
3. Fill up “Cashback Registration Form” below to qualify!

$ 10+10*Real Cash Back



  •  ENJOY All Plan Specific Perks &

  • FREE home phone line with
    unlimited local calls

  • Smooth video streaming even during peak hours

$ 15+10*Real Cash Back



      • ENJOY All Plan Specific Perks & Benefits

      • FREE home phone line with unlimited local calls

    Ultra-Fast Game Downloads

  • Ultra-Low and Stable Latency

  • Live Latency Monitoring

  • Custom Network Routing

  • GAMER Perks

  • 24/7 GAMER Priority Hotline


Cashback Registration Form

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*Terms & Conditions of MyRepublic Home Broadband Cashback Promotion

1. MyRepublic Home Broadband Cashback Promotion is applicable for new sign-ups with 2 years contract. Not applicable for No Contract, Re-contracts or Existing customers.
2. Only verified and active contracts are eligible for the Cashback promotion.
3. Cashback will be credited during 1st month of service activation.
4. “Sharing Bonus” will only be credited if shared link is shared as public and active on user’s facebook timeline or profile.
4. Cashback shall be credited to customer’s specified accounts in Cashback Registration Form. Niche Peak shall bear no responsibility if cashback is not successful in the event the account provided by customer is not correct or current.
5. In any case where dollar value cashback is not available, Niche Peak reserves the right to substitute the cashback with products & services equivalent in value.
6. In any case of dispute, Niche Peak and/or any of its’ associated agents reserve the rights to explain the details of the terms & conditions.
7. By taking part in this promotion, you herein agree to indemnify Niche Peak and/or any of its’ associated agents from any and all liability and damages associated with the participation of this promotion.