1. Preliminary Hardware Setup

To begin, unpack the printer and accessories carefully from the packaging.

  1. Connect the power cord to a suitable power source
  2. Toggle the power switch on the printer to ensure printer can be booted up.
  3. Open the label cover and install your label rolls

2. Software Printing App Setup

Download the corresponding mobile apps for your device, e.g. Android or iOS. 

For printing on Desktop PC, refer to our guide here: http://www.nichepeak.com/guide/how-to-install-gprinter-thermal-label-receipt-printer-on-windows-pc-desktop-laptop/

Gprinter Mobile APP (Android Version)

Gprinter Mobile APP (iPhone Edition)

  1. Pair the printer by going to “Connection” Settings and pair it with the correct mode based on your printer
    1. Bluetooth pairing password: 0000 / 1234 
    2. Wifi pairing connect to printer wifi hotspot
    3. USB: Ensure correct OTG cable is used for connection with usb cable to usb port of printer
  2. Under settings, ensure Printer Type is set to “Label” for label printing or “Receipt” for receipt printing
  3. Ensure Label size, width and height are set correct based on your physical label dimensions

3. Design and Printing

Input text, code, shapes, pictures  and design your label using the simple visual interface.

Once done, you can preview before you print out your label!

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